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UPPM Sydney Office

(Servicing Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands)

Universal Publishing Production Music Australia Pty Ltd

3 Munn Reserve, Millers Point, Sydney, NSW 2000

+612 9207 0564

Who are we?

Universal Publishing Production Music is a diverse and comprehensive collection of nearly 6000 cd's with over 150,000 titles. Our renowned labels include Atmosphere, Bruton & Chappell from the U.K, Koka Media from France as well as FirstCom Music and Killer Tracks from the United States just to name a few! 

Our labels cover every genre of music from live epic orchestra to solo instruments and underscores to pop/rock songs & instrumentals as well as the latest contemporary dance and club styles.

We also produce Vitamin A our very own Australian Vocal Production Music label taking Australian songwriters and vocal talent to the world.

On top of that we carry a full range to SFX from Hollywood Edge!

Why are we the best choice?

Our international roster of writers is equally diverse including the legendary Hal David, Chuck D of Public Enemy, Michael Nyman, Matt Hales of Aqualung, The Herbaliser and Ennio Morricone ensuring authenticity and quality in all areas of production. We continue to work with the established composers that have become the industry favourites.

For our Australian label Vitamin A we also have the pleasure of working with hit songwriter Phil Buckle. In the early 90's Phil penned songs for his own band the highly successful Southern Sons as well as Australian recording legend John Farnham. In the last couple of years Phil has also written tracks for Shannon Noll, Adam Harvey, Anthony Callea, Deni Hines, David Hobson, Belinda Emmett and Dean Geyer.

What do we offer our clients?

We pride ourselves on great music and even better service. Our staff are on hand to undertake free music searches and provide creative musical solutions to clients every day. In certain instances we can also supply bespoke music edits, stem mixes, re-versioning and commissioned music upon request. Our tracks are available via several delivery platforms including internet download and hard drives.

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