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Company History

The UPPM Story......

The history of the UPPM catalogue begins in 1941 with the birth of the Chappell Recorded Music Library.  At this time Charles Williams was engaged to conduct the Queens Hall Light Orchestra for a series of recordings (78’s), recorded exclusively for professional use in radio, films and particularly newsreels - one of these recordings was 'Majestic Fanfare', originally recorded in 1943 and still used to this day by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) as their radio news theme.

Since then, over the course of nearly 70 years, the UPPM catalogue has evolved into a diverse and comprehensive collection of the most popular and respected group of Production Music labels in the world.

Most recently in 2007 BMGZomba was aquired by Universal Music Publishing and we were welcomed as part of the Universal Music Group. We continue to work with our highly respected labels with international additions such as Mastersource and Immediate music.

With over 30 offices around the globe we remain the worldwide leader in Production Music.

Key Dates in our History

1941 The Chappell Recorded Music Library begins

1977 Bruton Music is founded as a subsidiary of ATV Music under its owner, TV magnate, Lou Grade. The library takes its name from ATV’s London offices in Bruton Street, Mayfair

1980 FirstCom Music is founded in Dallas, Texas by radio entrepreneur Jim Long

1981 Atmosphere Music founded by John Lee

1982 ATV Music sold to pop star Michael Jackson, administrated by CBS Songs

1985 Michael Jackson sells Bruton Music to Zomba Music Publishing, a growing independent music group formed in South Africa ten years earlier

1998 Zomba acquires Chappell from the Warner Chappell Music Group, which is integrated into the Bruton Music office

1990 Zomba acquires FirstCom

1991 BMG Music Publishing launched. Acquires Killer Tracks in USA

1995 BMG acquires Atmosphere Music and Match

1996 Zomba Production Music launched, offering Bruton, Chappell & FirstCom under one roof

2001 Galerie is launched at the London Production Show & Connect 2 Music is acquired by ZPM

2002 The Zomba Group is acquired by the Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG)

2003 BMGZomba Production Music is launched

2007 Universal Music Publishing aquire BMG Music Publishing and UPPM is born..

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