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  • Please note these changes will be live from 23rd June.
    Website Account Lock /Unlock
    • If you incorrectly enter your password more than 6 times you will be locked out and will be unable to log in and download
    • At this point you will have 2 options to unlock your account

      1. Select the 'Forgot Password' link in the log in pop-up and follow the reset password process

      2. Get in touch with your local office via phone or email and request that your account is unlocked and your password reset if necessary
      - If you only request to have your account unlocked you will be able to log in using your existing password
      - If you request a new password an automated email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password and log in to the site
    Password Reset Process

    • Navigate to the log in screen
    • Select the 'Forgot Password' link
    • You will be asked to enter the email address you registered with
    • You will then be emailed a link to reset your password. This reset must be done within 24 hours before the link expires
    • Get in touch with your local account managers via phone or email and ask them to reset your password
    Pre-Existing Passwords

    • All existing passwords will remain valid and you will not have to reset these to adhere to the new password guidelines

    • Any new passwords created or requested however will have to adhere to the following new restrictions;
      o Be between 7-20 characters
      o Contain at least 2 of the following ; upper case, lower case, special & numeric characters
      o Not be exactly the same as your previous 3 passwords

    Editing Account Details

    • Log in to website
    • Navigate to the 'My Account Details' tab
    • From here you will be able to edit various details attached to your profile, however you will not be able to edit your address information from this screen

      - This is due to your account being validated against a company which may have multiple people assigned to it in our central database

      - If you would like to make any amendments to these address details please email or phone your local Sales and Marketing team to let them know the changes you would like to make

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