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  • Chappell Noir is a new label comprised of music inspired by the latest crime fiction screen adaptations from around the world. Launching with five beautiful, dark and thrilling scores for documentaries and dramas, each album offers perfectly orchestrated scores through to contemporary electronic sound worlds.

    Two out of the five releases explore the Nordic Noir genre, which is currently influencing screenwriters worldwide and taking an internation hold of the drama scene, following the success of popular Scandinavian crime dramas such as The Killing, The Bridge and Wallander.

    Find more 'Noir' tracks in our updated Best For Drama page here
    New labels from Chappell also available now:
    An assortment of Chappell tracks that have been carefully selected and spliced into 30 second edits for radio commercial production. A label which will aim to bring to you the latest and most contemporary chart sounds coming out of the UK! Perfect for promos, trailers, TV, Radio, Advertising and youth programming.

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