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  • P H O B I A is a blend of synthesis and orchestral elements written for
    dark drama and psychological thrillers
    . Inspiration for the tracks comes
    from both modern pop chords and gritty soundscapes.

    The album was produced between Stockholm, Paris and London and features a live
    string quartet recorded at XLevel in Stockholm, while the synths and guitars were
    tracked in Paris at Sebastien's studio Laplage. Douglas Brown's percussive glitch
    track, 'Digital Hunger' was tracked in London at his studio in Somerset House.

    Here's the making of video...



    About the Composers

    Klas Wahl, Anders Niska, Sebastien & Emmanuel Lipszyc, Doug Brown

    Swedish composers Klas Wahl and Anders Niska have worked together for many years on
    music for Film and TV, and are currently scoring a movie starring Anthony Hopkins, Ray
    Liotta, Alexander Ludvig and Julia Stiles. Brothers Sebastien & Emmanuel Lipszyc
    are french production music composers; Klas Wahl met them in France while on a
    workshop with legendary movie scoring mixer Alan Meyerson and the rest is history.

    Last but not least, Douglas Brown (his name might ring a bell) is the artist
    behind RADAR015 Brightly Coloured and is back writing for Atmosphere.
    Doug is a busy man at the moment, providing tour support for Charli XCX and
    writing and recording music for media with his company Cassini Sound
    from the basement vaults of Somerset House.

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